About GlosLUG

The group was founded in June 2000 by Barrie Haycock. The original website was designed and maintained by Francis, Mick and Sean. In 2006 there was a change of guard within the group as Gyn and Paul took charge of providing the motivation for the group. Technical meetings became a regular feature being coordinated by Glyn and Andrew Oakley at the offices of MessageLabs. In order to match the growth and vibrancy of the group, the website needed to be more dynamic in order to keep the group members up to date with events. As such Barbie, was commisioned to deploy his Labyrinth project, incorporating a Content Management System, to enable group admins to keep the website current.

How Do I Get Involved?

It's free. We have meetings and events locally (see events) and we also have an active mailing list (see below). There is also an un-official irc server (#glug on irc.slashnet.org) where you might catch some of us in the evenings. We also have some forums (moderated) on SourceForge but currently people seem to prefer the mailing list.

We get a discount on netraverse products (e.g. win4lin), and receive a couple of complimentary copies of the excellent Linux User magazine each month! Thanks to those companies for their support.

Daft translation tool is now online (sorry link broken, will fix asap)

The Mailing List

We have a mailing list available for anyone to ask questions, post articles and to find out about future meetings. If you want help with installing, configuring or using Linux, feel free to post a help request to the list, as there are a good cross section of people, familiar with a variety of flavours of Linux, that are happy to offer help and advice.

If would like to subscribe to the mailing list, you can either use the online form and fill in your details there, or send a blank email to 'gloucs-request [at] mailman.lug.org.uk', and follow the instructions in the follow up  email. You should then be ready to start sending mail to gloucs [at] mailman.lug.org.uk and joinging in the mailing list discussions.

Previous posts to the list

Our thanks to Peter Braidwood for the previously hosting the older mailing list archives, however since moving to the new Mailman list manager, all current archives are now available at http://mailman.lug.org.uk/pipermail/gloucs/, which now holds the archives from August 2002 onwards.



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